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Transform your on-premise solutions into SaaS-based applications to eliminate manual upkeep challenges.
Sceven Software Development

Case Studies

Sceven Software Development provides decades of expertise to customize enterprise software. Contact us for Sceven case studies from some of our enterprise clients.

About Sceven Software Development

At Sceven, we are first and foremost a software development company that builds flexible and reliable data management and archive solutions that seamlessly enable our customers to store, secure, manage, discover, and analyze critical business information while providing easy and intuitive access for end-users.

One of our guiding principles at Unified Global Archiving is to continuously develop and bring to market best of breed software solutions to deliver secure archival and governance of our enterprise customers data. Our dedicated team of engineers at Sceven Development ensures that the software our customers rely upon for compliance, legal, and security needs delivers on all current and forward-looking requirements to provide maximum data value.​

Customer-Centric Development

Sceven takes a customer-centric approach to develop our market-leading software solutions. It is common for the Sceven team to interact with customers to understand their needs and develop tailored solutions for their deployments. Whether this be augmenting existing applications in our product portfolio or engineering products from the ground up, Sceven has become the go-to development partner our customers rely upon for their software needs.

When paired with the solution delivery and expertise of PremCloud Services, Sceven has demonstrated the ability to transform on-premise software into SaaS solutions. PremCloud Services prides itself on delivering products to our customers to provide them with the necessary agility and flexibility to deploy where they need to based on data sovereignty or other business drivers.

As President of Sceven, Ronan Curran, operating from our EMEA headquarters in Ireland, is responsible for all Sceven product engineering and software development. With Ronan’s legacy knowledge of our software and business practices, and the evolving market demands and opportunities created by data sprawl and regulatory requirements, he is able to fuse together all of our product development with PremCloud Services’ professional services, managed services, support, and maintenance into one seamless and fully integrated resource.

Future Opportunity

We have believed for some time now that our development and support prowess should be the foundation of an independent resource. Therefore, throughout the remainder of 2020, Sceven will be taking on software development work for new external end customers. Our worldwide resources are ready to unleash their development prowess to customers worldwide under the Sceven banner.

Sceven Software Development

Our mission at Sceven is to provide enriched services and software which will enable advanced connections between people, data, and the tools they use.

Sceven develops transformative innovations, allowing organizations to achieve more, both securely and reliably. We believe in excellence through simplicity with insightful systems design in order to deliver value for our customers and the world.

Ronan Curran
President and Chief Development Officer, Sceven Software Development
+44 2.081.324.260

What Our Clients Say

Sceven has re-energised our archiving solution and made it relevant again. Since Sceven has taken over they have shown a genuine interest in growing the product by first updating it so it works with all versions of Exchange and then by enhancing the features by developing the discovery platform and integration into iManage.

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