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EAS Discovery

Perform rapid eDiscovery across all of your enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications.

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Unified eDiscovery Platform for All Enterprise Content

Legal, compliance, and enterprise risk teams are challenged to streamline and simplify their eDiscovery workflow due to the variety, volume, and velocity at which enterprise data is being created. EAS Discovery eliminates these challenges and breaks down information silos by providing a single interface to perform federated search and collections for over 80+ content types, across multiple geographic locations.

Proven Enterprise Search Capabilities

EAS Discovery is trusted by highly litigious and regulated Fortune 500 companies, AM 100 Law Firms, and government agencies across the globe to begin their eDiscovery collections process.  Enterprise-wide search across 100,000+ custodians can quickly be culled and refined using several filtering and search options. eDiscovery professionals can structure advanced boolean queries to include, proximity searches, addressing, wildcards, standard [content, date range, and to and from] criteria, and more.

Advanced Tagging and Review

EAS Discovery provides feature-rich assignments and pre-review capabilities to ensure the most accurate data set has been collected before exporting into upstream review platforms.

Intuitive Built-In Workflow for Seamless Multi-Department Review

The intuitive built-in workflow empowers end-users from various departments to collaborate and execute on collective Discovery actions to cull down information; streamlining your early case assessment with specific responsibilities being allocated to different members of your eDiscovery and IT team.

Dedicated Role-Based Access Controls for Search, Review, and Export Entitlements

EAS Discovery allows administrators to maintain full control and security over the eDiscovery process, by ringfencing users to specific permissions which are commonly required by corporate policy, or to ensure a case can not be corrupted by users making a change in a different part of the application they are not trained on.

Granular Export Capabilities

When you’re team is ready to export the data from EAS Discovery for upstream review, granular export capabilities offer users the ability to perform bulk or per custodian exports, export to pst. and customized EDRM formats, as well as tag and review-based exports.

Data Detect

Shine a light on your unstructured data repositories to locate business-critical documents, identify PII, and eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.

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PremCloud Connect

Seamlessly connect to all of your enterprise-wide applications to capture the data for transformation and ingestion into any target repository of your choice.

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PremCloud Archive Solution

Receive a SaaS-based, industry-leading archive solution to intelligently preserve enterprise-wide data in compliance with to your unique data sovereignty requirements.

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