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Enterprises are oversaturated with data, and over 50% of enterprise data stores are dark, making it difficult to determine what data they have, why they are retaining it, what the sensitivity is, and how to best utilize it. DataDetect delivers answers to these questions and simplifies enterprise data management by remediating data stores, optimizing data storage costs, and identifying sensitive content for proper preservation and security.

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Taking Control of your Most Valuable Asset

In the Digital Era, Data is recognized as the most valuable asset of the enterprise. Maximizing its value relies on the enterprise’s ability to manage its ever-expanding growth and complexity, satisfy data sovereignty and data privacy regulations, protect the data from internal and external threats, and gain insights to drive business decisions.  

DataDetect delivers unrivaled control to enterprises over their unstructured data repositories, empowering IT, Legal, Compliance, Risk, and Executive teams with actionable insights to simplify enterprise data management. Using DataDetect, enterprises are in the driver’s seat to maximize the value of their data by minimizing their data footprint (keep what you need), selecting the ideal residency of data based on data sovereignty and utilization metrics, developing and curating a data inventory, and improving the quality of upstream analytics and review with a pristine data set.

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What data do I have?

In a survey of 2,259 IT and business leaders worldwide, 66% reported that more than half of their data is dark (meaning the contents are unknown and the data is not used). Our DataDetect engagements begin with data remediation, bringing light to this dark data challenge through the development of a data inventory, empowering enterprises with intelligence on the age, ownership, utilization, contents, and sensitivity of their data, at Petabyte level scale.

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What is the sensitivity of my data?

Global data privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, mandate enterprises to minimize the personal data they preserve. Following the remediation phase, DataDetect enforces data minimization by enabling enterprises to defensible delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial data and identify sensitive data types through a powerful data profiling engine. PremCloud works alongside our customers to customize the profiling engine. Enterprises can perform full content analysis on their unstructured data stores to identify several forms of PII, PHI, and PCI and ensure that the access controls and location of this data is secure. 

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Why am I keeping this data?

As data creation continues to accelerate, enterprises need to establish a data taxonomy to institutionalize from the point of data creation why data is being preserved, where the data will be preserved, and for how long they will preserve it. Whether it be for legal, compliance, or business use cases, DataDetects tagging and classification engine delivers the necessary order and structure to data and answers the “why” that drives your data preservation program.

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How do I take action on my data?

Empowered with a comprehensive data inventory and alignment with the business, legal, and compliance rationale for preservation, the DataDetect actions engine delivers enterprises with the ability to move, copy, delete, archive, or encrypt data. The robust policy engine will automate these actions to systematically preserve data based on access controls, export controls, utilization, data sensitivity, and other decision criteria determined by the enterprise.

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Data Detect

Shine a light on your unstructured data repositories to locate business-critical documents, identify PII, and eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.

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PremCloud Connect

Seamlessly connect to all of your enterprise-wide applications to capture the data for transformation and ingestion into any target repository of your choice.

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PremCloud Archive Solution

Receive a SaaS-based, industry-leading archive solution to intelligently preserve enterprise-wide data in compliance with to your unique data sovereignty requirements.

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