Enterprise Archive Solution

EAS History

The first release of EAS occurred on March 15, 2000. EAS was sold as commercial software for local [on-premise] installation.

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EAS History

Previously called Exchange Archive Solution, EAS was originally developed by EDUCOM TS, Inc., an Ottawa-based software development firm. The first release of EAS occurred on March 15, 2000. EAS was sold as commercial software for local [on-premise] installation. EAS was designed to archive content from Microsoft Exchange to help organizations comply with legal requirements for E-mail retention, to reduce storage load of Microsoft Exchange, improve backup, and for .pst file management.

From 2000 to 2004, EDUCOM released multiple new versions, gained market share, and was eventually acquired by Zantaz, Inc. in 2004. Over the next year, Zantaz added additional functionality, released version 4.0, and officially renamed the product to Enterprise Archive Solution.

In 2005, EAS was being used by more than 2 million users globally and was a leading solution in the archiving market as characterized by analyst IDC. In 2007, Zantaz customers included 9 of the 10 top global law firms, 11 of the Fortune 25 and 14 of the top 20 Financial Securities firms. This legacy of market-leadership remains today.​

On July 24, 2007, EAS was acquired by Autonomy, Inc. of Cambridge, UK. Shortly after the acquisition, Autonomy announced that EAS was integrated with Autonomy’s IDOL search technology. Gartner repeatedly rated Zantaz and Autonomy’s archiving solution as one of the top three in the market.​

On October 3, 2011, EAS was acquired by Hewlett Packard, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA. In order to ensure the ongoing development of EAS for their worldwide customer base, Hewlett Packard chose Capax Discovery as their exclusive licensee in perpetuity for all of their on-premise archive solutions [EAS, CAMM, NearPoint, HPCA].

On July 29, 2014, EAS was acquired by Capax Discovery, Inc. headquartered in Williamsville, NY.

EAS Timeline

  • EAS version 1.0 was released March 15, 2000, by Educom
  • EAS was acquired by Zantaz, Inc. on February 18, 2004
  • EAS version 4.0 was released October 19, 2004, by Zantaz
  • EAS acquired by Autonomy on July 24, 2007
  • EAS version 6.1 with IDOL released October 9, 2007, by Autonomy
  • EAS was acquired by HP on Oct 3, 2011
  • EAS version 6.4 was released Nov 22, 2011, by HP
  • EAS was acquired by Capax Discovery on July 29, 2014
  • EAS version 6.8 was released March 30, 2015, by Capax Discovery
  • EAS version 8.0 was released January 1, 2018, by Capax Discovery
  • EAS version 9.0 was released in 2019 by Capax EAS
  • EAS version 10.0 will be released by Capax EAS
Enterprise Archive Solution

Case Studies

EAS provides a robust archive solution for numerous clients across a myriad of industries. Contact us for EAS case studies from some of our enterprise clients.

EAS Discovery

Perform rapid eDiscovery across all of your enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications.

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EAS Mobile

Leverage the dedicated mobile application compatibe with both iOS and Android devices to search your archive on-the-go.

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EAS Enterprise Search

Efficiently search for data across all content types stored in your personal archive directly from Microsoft Outlook.

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EAS Anywhere

Use the redesigned, web-based enterprise search application to search your archive anywhere from any supported browser.

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EAS Storage Manager

Manage retention, move storage locations, or copy archived data with this post-archival management application.

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EAS Supervisor

Monitor employee activity to identify and prevent instances of misconduct and promote a healthy business culture.

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The EAS 9.2 Release

Since the beginning of 2020, our team has delivered three service pack releases of EAS 9.0.  Much of the focus of these service pack releases has been on our EAS Discovery application.  Based on the continuous feedback from you, we have implemented a number of suggested enhancements to streamline the early case assessment and review process.  New features include:

  1. Query Manager.  A brand new UI feature has been implemented which will enable end-users to save their search full context queries securely on a per case basis.  This new feature will preserve not only the key term expressions, date ranges, and recipient information, but it will also preserve and enable the recall of the specific custodian objects as well.  The ability to export the search queries out to a flat-file will remain a feature in the product as well.
  2. Passwords.  End users can now set their own passwords for PST exports.  End users can now copy and paste the password text and recall in-place passwords from the export manager for re-use.
  3. Naming Conventions.  End-users can now apply a custom naming convention to the export job names.
  4. Custodian Exports.  End-users can now perform an export solely based on the case custodian objects.

We will continue to augment the end-user experience throughout 2020.  Please continue to provide us your feedback.

Microsoft Companion Program

EAS provides our multinational enterprise customers with the ability to get the most out of their on-premise Exchange deployments and Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

With its ability to archive all Microsoft and non-Microsoft content types in a unified repository for search, discovery, supervision, and intelligent retention, EAS is the perfect companion for all enterprises that rely on Microsoft Exchange for their messaging and collaboration needs.

Trevor Berninger
Lead Account Manager, UGA
+1 716.229.8921

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What Our Clients Say

Customer service and responsiveness among the sales and engineering team is amazing. Some of the best I've ever encountered in 15 years of working in legal technology.

Associate Director, Risk ManagementLegal

EAS has been a great tool for us. And it addresses the most important aspect... security. I would recommend EAS to a prospective customer because of the ease of use and the security.

IT ManagerConstruction

Implementation is easy. UGA was able to provide a solution within our budget. The evaluation and contract negotiation was great. We just finished our implementation and training.

Senior EngineerGovernment

UGA has been very responsive to issues, and has provided great customer service. We purchased EAS as a managed service, and they regularly access the system to ensure it is operating correctly.

Systems ArchitectHealthcare

We work very well together, requirements from UGA are detailed and to the point. To date we have had no issues or problems from UGA. And we fully believe that all key milestones and target will be met.

Senior Project ManagerTransportation

Excellent archiving solution. Works great, decreases the need for file maintenance and makes work more flexible, customer service is also very good.

Support AnalystServices
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