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Archiving with EAS

Our latest releases of EAS, versions 9.0 and 10.0, have been developed specifically to address the most stringent operational and compliance demands from modern global enterprises. To complement our technical experts’ deep-rooted expertise in large-scale enterprise Exchange implementations and upgrades, our EAS roadmap has continually evolved alongside the Microsoft product suite with the commitment to augment the Microsoft Exchange experience. EAS provides a single repository for the long-term preservation and management of data generated from emails, file servers, SharePoint, social media applications, and instant messaging applications [with plans to add support for legacy systems such as SAP, audio and video recordings, etc.]. Aside from the ability to capture a vast range of content types, EAS separates itself as the world’s premier archiving solution in that EAS 10.0 can operate in a hosted or hybrid state.

Adaptive Hosting

EAS allows enterprises to perform Search, eDiscovery, and Supervision across all of their archived content, no matter where it resides. With PremCloud Adaptive Hosting, EAS 10.0 can be deployed in our customer’s data center, our data center, a third-party data center, or in virtually any cloud environment of our customer’s choice. Furthermore, in response to multinational regulatory demands, a unified instance of EAS can operate in a hybrid state [i.e. an organization’s German division may require EAS to be hosted in a private German data center, their UK division may want EAS hosted in Microsoft Azure, their Japanese division may need EAS on-premise, etc.]. No matter the configuration of your hybrid deployment, PremCloud will deliver a unified archiving experience under EAS.

Centralized Global Management

Our EAS Administrative Console empowers enterprises with the ability to centrally manage multiple geographic locations from one unified EAS instance. The EAS architecture, which is based on a parent/child topology, enables enterprises to logically separate or consolidate data based on geographic location or data sovereignty requirements. With both centralized and granular oversight, regional operations can retain the management of items, such as localized data storage devices in relation to archive/ journal policies as well as perform localized eDiscovery and archive retrieval. Global administrators are able to facilitate actions such as the movement of a specific custodian’s data footprint between different geographic regions. With an unmatched ability to scale for enterprise use, a unified global instance of EAS can manage all multinational data challenges involving tailored archival policies on a regional basis.

eDiscovery Powered by Solr

Our integration with Apache SolrCloud [“Solr”] allows for the most powerful Enterprise Search and Discovery capabilities on the market. Our latest release of EAS was created in conjunction with the top global law firms, and it debuts specialized enhancements to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the Early Case Assessment [ECA] and internal review process [.pst and customized EDRM export formats, single custodian discovery and export, hit-highlighting keywords in search results, etc.]. The intuitive built-in workflow empowers end-users from various departments to collaborate and execute on collective Discovery actions to cull down information, all without ever having to export data out of the application. Furthermore, EAS 9.0 delivered our new Advanced Search Builder, empowering non-technical discovery users with the ability to easily structure complex search queries without having any specialized knowledge of EAS syntax.

Increased Accessibility

With the increased use of mobile devices in today’s Information Age, we have proudly introduced our all-new dedicated mobile application, EAS Mobile, as part of our EAS 9.0 end-user access suite [which includes our Outlook EAS Search Plugin for Windows and Mac, OWA EAS Search Plugin, and our web-based EAS Anywhere]. Available for both iOS and Android users, EAS Mobile provides critical access to archived content on-the-go; furthermore, the app can be securely deployed through a variety of industry-leading MDM platforms, including AirWatch and MobileIron.

Continuous Innovation

EAS has an aggressive product roadmap and Unified Global Archiving has consistently delivered multiple releases each year since acquiring the software. As we head into 2020, our software development provider, Sceven, is working on a number of customer-driven enhancements as well as new innovative solutions to augment our archiving, eDiscovery, and overall information governance offerings.

Content Extensibility. Many organizations have adopted or are planning to adopt new collaboration and messaging platforms to transform their business operations. As such, they must expand the governance scope to securely capture and archive this content into a unified platform for archival, search, and governance. Our connector framework, EAS Connect, will enable our customers to capture and archive a wide array of unstructured data and communication channels.

Data Analytics. Network file shares, SharePoint portals, and other enterprise data repositories have grown to unsustainable levels. With elevated data privacy regulations and potential desires to move these repositories to the cloud, enterprises need the means to analyze this data to assess its efficacy, sensitivity, and business criticality. We will be coming to market with a new file analysis platform, Data Detect, to compliment our best-of-breed archiving solutions. This will enable our customers to analyze, clean up, and properly govern their file shares or other unstructured repositories.

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